Another Lesson- This Time From Mother Nature!




Another Lesson –

This Time From Mother Nature!

by Kaye Childs


Ready…..set…. nooooo!!

That was the dominant feeling for me as I heard the news that Saratoga had cancelled several races because of the weather. I was ready. I had prepared as well as a rookie can prepare. I had studied the runners on Time Form. I felt good about my picks, and even better when I learned that some of my picks were the same as some much more experienced TTE players. Yes, I was ready. I was entered in two tournaments at Saratoga and in point of fact, the first few races in the first tournament were run. Then Mother Nature stepped in, soaking the track along with everyone’s spirits.

Ah well, these things are bound to happen sometimes, but as disappointed as I was, the day wasn’t a total bust At least, not for me. This is a good time to mention that I have a “special” notebook devoted entirely to handicapping, in which I have a barrage of questions that need answers. It’s a growing list.

Fortune smiled on me by providing me with just about the whole TTE team who had been bantering and strategizing back and forth with each other. I pos4c4a2f6105d2e.imageted a tentative question: “What does it mean when the form says a horse was ‘rated’ in his last race? Handicapping 101 was in session! The response was immediate as Bobby “The Shoe” Shoemaker explained to me that it meant a horse had been held back from going to the lead. Aha!! Thank you, Bobby!

Another question….how on Earth do you handicap maiden races? .and another question….and another. My pen was flying across the page as the team members answered every question I had. Naturally, some inspired still more questions. How could it be otherwise? And some will need to be discussed in more depth (future blog material here, I think).

For me, it was eye-opening. This team is at the top of the game. Instructing is a large part of what they’re about, and I know that. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little humbled by the fact that, without exception, they stopped in the middle of what they were doing to answer my questions.

So I’d like to close my blog for this week by offering a huge and grateful “Thank You!!” to the TTE family. The weather may have halted our tournaments, but the shower of knowledge I got made it worthwhile, at least for me. Take THAT Mother Nature!