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Horse Racing College – Quiz #1

  If you achieve Valedictorian status please put your name in the "Comments" section below! Thank you!

The Poll Pony – Handicapping Contests- Game of Skill?

Final Result! 75% Say "Game of Skill"! Poll Pony says "Thank you for your vote!"

The Poll Pony – Final Factor in Handicapping

  Final Results Post Parade Appearance  30% Sudden Change in Odds  24% Gut Instinct  22% The Poll Pony says "Thank you for your vote!"

The Poll Pony – Vote! Best Horse Racing Event

    Results are official! 45% of voters want to go to   Poll Pony says "Thank you!"

The Poll Pony – Best Dream Matchup

  Thank you for voting! The voting has ended and the results are in!   Results  Songbird vs Cathryn Sophia  69% The Poll Pony says "Congratulations to the fillies"

The Poll Pony – Hardest Tracks to Handicap

    Final Results Gulfstream 23% Tampa Bay 20% Saratoga 11% Poll Pony says "Thank you for your votes!"