Where is the D?

For this week's blog, Dr. Anthony Trezza provides us with his video: Where is the D? It is about visual handicapping. https://youtu.be/MQrBnJ-Oz3s

Physicality Handicapping by Barbara Bowley

Join The Tournament Edge Co-Founders Dr. Anthony Trezza and Barbara Bowley as they discuss the importance of Physicality Handicapping. You will definitely take away insights that will propel forward your skill when participating in horse race contest handicapping. Barbara...

TTE Player Spotlight – Steve Schaeffer

Steve Schaeffer, Cincinnati, Ohio @sschaeffer13 How did you get into horse racing? My older brother Mark got me interested in the game. I tagged along on a trip to Turfway Park for the 1997 Kentucky Derby. He ended up hitting the Derby...

Assessing Injuries in Post Parades

https://youtu.be/uIR2ub7mnAM Season 1 Episode 2

Promo: Exclusive Interview BetAmerica CEO John Ford

https://youtu.be/GWYq7K9sZh4 Go here for the full interview.

How To Choose A Live vs. Lockdown Game

https://youtu.be/jtmUOACX2gs Season 1 Episode 1

TTE Player Spotlight – Geoff Schutt

Geoff Schutt Salem, MA (Not) All The Right Moves (Yet), But He Is Determined To Be A Contender     As of April 7, 2016, Geoff Schutt is #6 on the NHC Tour overall leaderboard. For three weeks in March, he was #1. Last...

One Man’s Journey

Walk with Barry "The Sniper" Spears on his quest to the Derbywars $20K Live Game. // // // 1) {ytcfg.d()] = a;} else {for (var k in a) {ytcfg.d() = a;}}}}; // ]]>// // <!,c;for(c in b)a.push(b);return a}function g(a){var c=f().concat(),d=c.length,e=;a.replace(/S+/g,function(a){for(var...

TTE Player Spotlight – Shawn “Ulf” Heron

Shawn Heron Westfield , New Jersey Recent Champion - Tampa Bay Downs "LiveItUpChallenge"   "From The Rink to The Paddock"       Shawn has been in the handicapping contest world for only a short time but has certainly taken it by storm. His recent success in...