Getting the “Edge” in the Free NHC game!


There is something in the air and you can feel it.  Is it the sound of the Pacific waves crashing on the shore at Delmar?  Or maybe the banjo music in the picnic area of Saratoga?  Or possibly the panic of 1,600 tour members scrambling to get their seats for the 2017 National Handicapping Championship (NHC)?  Yup, I choose the latter.

The countdown to getting your official seat to the NHC has begun.  Over 2.5 million prizes to be won and if you haven’t won your seat yet, dont worry, there are only 150 more days to do so. However, good news is on the way!  If you haven’t signed up yet, you still have time to jump in on a free NHC game offered by the Daily Racing Form.  The game takes place this Saturday, July 30th.  You need to be a NHC tour member and obtain a member ID number.  That is the only restriction otherwise the game is free!

Here are your 2 steps to the FREE NHC game:

Join the NHC Tour!

Enter the FREE Contest!

Screenshot 2016-07-30 08.29.26

Once you have entered, you will be asked to pick your winning horse in 10 races.  Each horse will score point in a mythical $2 Win/ Place format.  The top 4 contestants will receive an entry into the 2017 NHC and it includes hotel and travel.  It’s that simple!  Not.

To win this type of contest requires a unique blend of skill, strategy and a fortune cookie that reads “Pick the 6”.  All kidding aside, TheTournamentEdge (TTE) has studied many of these games and have come to a few conclusions.

The game will be won by the top 4 players who correctly pick the 3 gigantic long shots that are bound to win today.  The top 4 players will also accurately nail the winners of at least 3 more races and will cash in another two races.

2-3 Long Shots @ $40

2-3 Midrange @15

2-3 Cashed w/p @ $10

Need about 80% accuracy in cashing (8/10 races)


Based on the number of players in the game (1,600 and growing) and the type of races chosen from multiple tracks, we estimate $150-185 will put you in the thick of things.

So what does that mean?  Do you swing for all long shots?  Or do you balance out your picks?  That all depends on your style. Most of the winners seem to hit their big long shots but rarely give up guaranteed points (see below).

Below is an example of previous winners of NHC games but remember this free game will have 4 times the entries and we expect the scores to be higher.

Screenshot 2016-07-30 09.05.03 Screenshot 2016-07-30 09.04.47

In the end, it all depends on your style and what horses you feel comfortable playing on that particular day.  Who knows?  It could turn out to be the chalkiest day of the year but with Saratoga tossing bomb after bomb and Monmouth in the mix – I am not too sure of that!  Good luck to all and most of all….Have fun!

TTE is providing picks along with a guideline to the game for newbies and experienced veterans….just to give you….The Edge!


Screenshot 2016-07-30 09.11.29


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Dr. Anthony Trezza
Contest Strategy Expert / Multi-site High Stakes Winner Anthony Trezza is considered a top strategist by many of his peers, and takes pride in studying and getting to know his opponents well. He has won many of the major online high stakes games at multiple sites, including the 2015 Head to Head Championship at DerbyWars.