“On The Edge” My Journey Begins



“On The Edge”

My Journey Begins

By Kaye Childs



I’m about to begin a journey. Not to an exotic location, but toward a very specific and equally pleasurable goal. My goal is to learn handicapping and to become knowledgeable about the sport I’ve loved for as long as I can remember. It’s a journey that promises to submerge me in the world of horses and afford me the opportunity to learn from the best handicappers in the sport.

I’ve thought of “taking the plunge” more than once. After playing fantasy racing with a small measure of success, the allure of “real” handicapping began to pull at me as fellow fantasy players told me how much fun it was. I even signed up with Derby Wars, but still I didn’t actually play. What held me back?

Well, I don’t come equipped with a fat wallet, which I imagined would be necessary. And there was the time I thought would be involved. As a wife and mother, with a full time job, time is a precious commodity.

Finally, there was the blunt fact that I was afraid of showing how little I actually know about horse racing in spite of being such an avid horse lover. I know literally nothing about handicapping. Less than nothing, if that’s possible. I don’t know enough to even know what questions to ask. Now THAT is a handicap. Enter, The Tournament Edge team.

I stuck a figurative “toe in the water” playing a free TTE/Derby Wars tournament and was thrilled when I placed 8th. Hooked! I began to check out Derby Wars more closely an was pleasantly surprised to discover that many of the tournaments were affordable for me. I’m in ankle deep at this point. Easing into “unknown waters” is less intimidating.Screenshot 2016-07-05 08.11.34

This weekend has fund me glued to my laptop like a Siamese twin playing $1.00tournaments and points tournaments. I’m becoming familiar with “Survivor” tournaments and “Lock Down” tournaments, among others. I’ve discovered that I don’t have to have the fat wallet or tons of spare time. I’ve also discovered that the Tournament Edge team are more than ready and willing to educate me. It’s what they do! And while my “instructors” may have their work cut out for them, they will find me a most willing pupil.

So, my journey begins and I wade into the waters of handicapping. Why not come with me…..the water is just fine!