TTE Player Spotlight – Shawn “Ulf” Heron



Shawn Heron

Westfield , New Jersey

Recent Champion – Tampa Bay Downs “LiveItUpChallenge”


“From The Rink to The Paddock”




Shawn has been in the handicapping contest world for only a short time but has certainly taken it by storm. His recent success in the grueling Tampa Bay Downs “LiveItUpChallenge” sends him packing for Las Vegas and a chance to be crowned 2017 NHC handicapping champion.

As a kid growing up in New Jersey, Shawn was nicknamed “Ulf” due to his style of hockey and 8449886striking resemblance to NY Rangers’ superstar Ulf Nilsson.  While hockey may have been his passion as a kid, Shawn soon developed a love for horse racing his senior year in high school.  Heron recalls, “Three of my friends finished watching the movie Pope of Greenwich Village and decided to visit Monmouth Park. After gas, tolls, parking, gate fees and programs we probably had twenty bucks each to bet and lost it all!  But to this day we are all still racing fans”.  He remembers, “I was hooked the first time I watched the horses walk around the paddock”.

Even though he was hooked, Heron began playing online contests only eighteen months ago. He credits his recent winnings to the education that he is getting from various sources. He states, “, weekly webcasts and Pete Fornatale’s book The Winning Contest Player has helped me gain valuable contest knowledge”. Shawn recalls, “The first time I played a webcast game I was the bubble boy.  I lost the contest but won Pete’s book as consolation prize. I read the book and it provided me with great contest knowledge. I also look at TTE every week and read a lot of unique tips there as well”.

Shawn’s  biggest scores on the track were on the 2012 Kentucky Derby.  He pegged I’ll Have Another for a healthy win and trifecta bet.  As far as contests, aside from his big score in the Tampa Bay game, he has won both the Derby Wars Survivor and Los Alamitos Challenge.  But now Shawn has his sights on a much bigger contest, the 2017 NHC.

So, it’s off to Las Vegas for “Ulf” where he wont be using ice skates and a hockey stick to score goals just a laptop and racing form.

Follow Shawn on twitter @Ulfheron
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