Slow and Steady Wins the Race!


kayeSlow and Steady Wins the Race!

By Kaye Childs

It’s my opinion that whatever the undertaking, it’s a good idea to stop periodically and review. I’ve been looking back over my past tournaments with a critical eye, and I do believe I’ve made progress!

While there’s still so much to learn, I realize that I’m placing well enough in some of the tournaments I’ve played to give me a greater level of confidence. I certainly don’t win every time, and yes, there are still times when my final score is dismal, if not downright embarrassing!

So how is that progress? Well, progress isn’t always measured by the number of tournaments won, and that’s not the primary yardstick I’m using….yet.

"WINDING OAKS FARM"  Ocala, FLWhen I wrote my first blog, I made the comment that I didn’t even know enough to know what questions to ask. That’s not true anymore. Now I have plenty of questions, and I keep a notebook handy to keep notes on the answers. Progress.

By now I’ve played enough to notice that quite often I’m competing with people I’ve played against before and to start working on the “know your opponent” skill. Progress.

And yes, I also do, in a small way, measure my progress by the amount I’ve been able to win. No, I’m not talking thousands of dollars. My budget is a small, but reasonable one and I keep a sharp eye on it. The balance, as I write this, is only down $5.00 from the amount I started with. Progress.

I’m proud of that, proud of the steps forward I’ve gained, excited about the things yet to be learned and oh, so grateful to the TTE team for their help, patience and encouragement. I have every expectation that 2017 will see continued progress on my part and that in a small way, I can be an encouragement to others.

Until next time!