Time For A Divorce


Yes, you heard it right. If you want to be successful at contest handicapping it may be time for most of us to consider a divorce. But before you book an appointment with an attorney, you should keep reading. I certainly don’t mean a divorce from your loved one; I am strictly talking about divorce from your parimutuel self.

Most of us traveling to this brave new world of contest play arrive via the parimutuel parkway or the fantasy sports freeway. We pack our bags, load up the trunk, turn on some good tunes and set off on a road trip to Contest Capping World. However, when most of us arrive at this destination, we are not greeted by a smiling larger-than-life rodent, and we are quickly reminded that this is no Disney World. It seems like many of us sample the rides and appreciate the adventure, but a high number abandon the park too early: too tired and too broke to go any further. What is the reason? Why do so many patrons leave the park? After losing friend after friend to the contest capper black hole ride, I realized the one thing they could not do is divorce themselves from their evil parimutuel ways.

Like most of you, I have friends who can out-handicap me any day of the week at the racetrack. But, get these winners into a capping contest and they freeze up! Betting at the racetrack is a whole different game that requires embracing an entirely different philosophy. Many parimutuel handicappers think they can waltz right into this new world and win immediately. That may be true for some, but sadly most of them can be spotted on the side of the road hitchhiking home upon leaving the park.

It wasn’t any different for me when I first entered Contest Capping World just a little over a year ago. I walked in, paid my admission, picked winners but lost my shirt time after time. It wasn’t until I went topless to work one day that I realized that it was time to divorce my inner parimutuel self. I realized it was time to throw away the baggage in the trunk. And that’s when everything changed.

I divorced myself from the traditional styles of handicapping. I searched online for innovative ways to handicap and uncovered a ton of new ideas. My old methods would feed me classic favorite after favorite, but the new style was creative and produced the value horses that win games. Gone was idea that I needed to pick multiple winners on a given card, replaced by the notion of positioning myself for one big win. I ditched the thought that this is about me versus the racetrack, and instead adopted the realization that this was actually me against my rivals. These are contests and there are strategies to winning. The sooner the capper gets that, the quicker he or she gets to enjoy another ride.

I am not saying you have to change everything about your handicapping, but in order to be a successful “contest capper” you might want to consider opening up to change. If the baggage in the trunk seems to heavy, then it’s probably time to toss it to the side of the road. I have seen far too many good people come to Contest Capping World only to watch them leave too soon because they weren’t open to a new method. Too reluctant to throw away the baggage, they failed to realize they needed a divorce.

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Dr. Anthony Trezza
Contest Strategy Expert / Multi-site High Stakes Winner twitter.com/Youare2020 Anthony Trezza is considered a top strategist by many of his peers, and takes pride in studying and getting to know his opponents well. He has won many of the major online high stakes games at multiple sites, including the 2015 Head to Head Championship at DerbyWars.